Ctra. de Cabra nº 12
P. O. Box no. 301
14900 Lucena (Córdoba) - Spain
Tlf.: +34 957 50 10 20
Fax: +34 957 50 11 28
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Experience & sustainability

The companies P. ESPEJO, S.A. y ESPEJO DISEÑO, S.L. clearly belong to a sector defined as the manufacturing of household furniture. The history of the company could be said to have two beginnings: in 1967. At present they occupy a facility of 18,000 m2, with the latest technology machinery and a constant innovation of products and processes, in a sector as dynamic as ours. To this day, we are in both national and international markets.

We are aware of the importance of sustainable development, therefore we fulfill all our responsibilities with the environment, being pioneers in the management of waste according to its nature and danger, and thanks to our photovoltaic facilities we have a saving in the emission of more than 100 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, we can tell you that we are in the line of "0" emissions.